söndag 28 mars 2010

Season 2010 is showing signs of life

That's what I love about the kayak business. It is very predictable but still full of surprises. Now the boat and Wilderness shows of Stockholm are over and suddenly all the deliveries are under way. Dealers are calling about various issues and the buyers are keen to know what kayak siuts them and so on...Setting up the stand at the Stockholm Boat Show

Now that Tahe Marine is getting even more global I have made some new very nice aquaintances. For example Joe O'Blenis and Helen Wilson. Many more of course! Great to see that the Tahe brand is expanding. Helen will be visiting Sweden this summer for some clinics together with Johan Wirsén.

Facebook is a new media for Tahe too. We have a group that is growing, "Tahe Kayak Fans..." with 115 members to date. Great way to discuss kayaks and other related matters. Even our distinguished designer Johan Wirsén is a member, so take the opportunity to ask him about his designs or even make suggestions.

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